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Subject: Why won't my sun turtle that I found eat?

Date: Sun May 2 10:01:29 2004
Posted by Sam
Grade level: 10-12 School: No school entered.
City: No city entered. State/Province: CT Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1083510089.Zo

My dad found a Sun turtle in the road and he said I could keep it. I got food 
for him and a home. But. he won't eat anything. He is only a little bigger than 
a quarter and he is a water turtle. I tried to give him food but he wouldn't 
take it, he just goes into his shell. I take him out two times a day for a half 
an hour to swim in a little pond.
Please answer quickly!!!

Re: Why won't my sun turtle that I found eat?

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