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Re: Can it possible that one day we can fly without use the airplane or

Date: Fri May 21 05:22:27 2004
Posted By: Joshua Chai, Student Doctor, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge, UK
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1077580831.Me

Hello Tuan,

First of all we cannot bar any possibilty in science amd medicine. No-one 
would ever think that it's possible for us to reach the moon, let alone 
robotic exploration of Mars!! Anyway, if there is such an evolutionary 
pressure, in order to survive, biological species including human have 
the ability to adapt to new environment. This is provided that the 
selective pressure is slowly evolving; an abrupt change of environment 
could quite likely drive us into extinction. 

Now, remember, evolution is a very slow process. Even if we are to 
change, we are talking about million of years for any noticeable change 
to happen. In your life-time, or certainly mine, I cannot see 
human "evolving" into a flying species. Nonetheless, with technology 
advancing so rapidly, I cannot reject the possiblity that one-day 
a "portable flying apparatus" (as seen in many cartoons/movies) may help 
us fly without being "inside" an aeroplane. 

Ops...I think I'd better keep my flying licence up to date then :-)

I hope this helps...

Joshua Chai

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