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Subject: Resonant Freq. of a circuit... i.e a household 10amp 240V 50HZ supply.

Date: Fri May 28 05:04:15 2004
Posted by Phill Jones
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Do electrical circuits have 'collective' resonant frequencies? Or are all their components susceptible to 
various resonancies? Can you measure the resonant frequency of copper? Or does it change, say in the 
case of a wire, as opposed to a PCB track? 

I'm trying to sort out feedback loops and power... I'm an audio engineer and am intrigued by oscillation 
based feedback loops that sometimes accidentally occur when routing things the wrong way. This is 
inspiring me to wonder about resonancies of electronic devices. Just wondering if power itself has a 
resonant frequency as such? Perhaps I'm way off the mark in a lot of areas!! Thanks if you've got any 
info to help me search for stuff to learn about this kind of thing!


Re: Resonant Freq. of a circuit... i.e a household 10amp 240V 50HZ supply.

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