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Subject: Question on Electromagnetic Attraction and Repulsion

Date: Tue Jun 8 15:41:56 2004
Posted by Tim Pollard
Grade level: nonaligned School: No school entered.
City: Seattle State/Province: Wa Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1086727316.Ph

I am trying to gain a meager understanding of electromagnetism, and I have
a few very simple questions.

Let's say we have two electrons separated by some great distance (say one light 
year apart). One electron emits a photon that is subsequently absorbed by the 
other a year later.

Do the two associated electrons mutually 'repel' each other at the time of 
their photon interaction (even ever so slightly) ?

And if they do repel... 
does this imply that the charge of the particle 
initially emitting the photon is somehow encoded on the photon (as well as 
maybe the distance the photon has travelled)?

Re: Question on Electromagnetic Attraction and Repulsion

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