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Subject: How can I create large volumes of positive ion wind

Date: Tue Mar 9 08:24:05 2004
Posted by kenneth stevens
Grade level: undergrad School: otis college
City: westchester State/Province: ca. Country: u.s.a.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1078842245.Ph

i am an art student with an interest in science. i wish to generate a large amount of "sticky 
wind" for an art piece. this piece is commenting on transformation, adaptation and 
mimicry by means of complete unification with ones environment. if i had more space i 
would love to go into more detail, but it is quite involved. anyway, i built a small van de 
graaf generator ( about 250,000 volts), but it was far to loud and produced an insuficiant 
amount of ion wind. i need to generate a static charge that is both safe, yet powerful 
enough to cling clothes to the body and raise "body" hair from a distance. can this or 
something similar be done? 

Re: How can I create large volumes of positive ion wind

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