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Re: At what temperature will Vodka / Jagermeister freeze?

Date: Tue Jul 6 20:25:23 2004
Posted By: Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1086213471.Ch

The freezing point will depend on the alcohol content. My guess is that we're looking about around 80 proof, that is, 40% alcohol.

95% ethanol (Everclear, if you like) freezes at about -110C, which is about -200F. Assuming a linear relationship we estimate that 40% ethanol freezes a bit below -40C = -40F. (Actually, 40% ethanol freezes at almost -30C according to the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.)

Most kitchen freezers won't go that low. But you should be able to freeze vodka or Jaegermeister with dry ice, which is at a temperature of about -100C.

In section D of the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics is a series of tables of the properties of aqueous solutions of many common substances. My copy (61st Edition) has a whole page devoted to ethanol solutions in water.

Dan Berger
MadSci Administrator

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