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Subject: What would be the effect of being able to see around the universe?

Date: Sat Jul 17 13:08:29 2004
Posted by Stewart Alexander
Grade level: grad (science) School: North Carolina State University
City: Raleigh State/Province: NC Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1090087709.As

In the movie "PayCheck" the principle character builds a machine (a telescope or something) to "see" 
around the curve of the universe, in other words all 14 billion light years of it or whatever its size is 
supposed to be, and into his own future.

Here's my question, despite the probability of being able to find yourself from 14 billion light years 
away, what exactly would be the effect if you could see something if you could look around the entire 
"shape" of the universe?

What exactly would be the effect?  Could you never view this effect due to light taking 14 billion years 
to reach you from this "other side"?

Matter can't go faster than the speed of light, but E-P-R Paradox I believe has shown that debroglie
wave information can be superluminal, so is it possible to gain some sort of data from the future?

Re: What would be the effect of being able to see around the universe?

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