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Re: Light Intensity VS NO2 concentration

Date: Fri Jul 30 12:08:48 2004
Posted By: Kenneth Beck, Senoir Research Scientist, Chemistry and Physics of Complex Systems, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1091179910.Ph

Dear Jay,

Yes.  Iíve plotted your data.  It fits your equation which I have written:

Y = K1(XK2) + K0

Where K2 ~ 1.6125

I find your results valid for the copper and nitric acid reaction you are 
measuring.  Do you know what that reaction is?  You end product, nitrogen 
dioxide, is a poisonous gas.  Do you realize this?

The results derive from the chemical process you are measuring.  You will 
find your answer in balancing the chemical equation, not in the specifics 
of laser intensity and LDR.  The LDR correctly demonstrates a linear 
absorption.  So, I think your fundamental problem is in understanding the 
chemistry, not the optics.

Perhaps this is the point of your school project?

Good Luck!

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