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Subject: Why is the coulomb used (please read below)?

Date: Fri Aug 20 10:20:39 2004
Posted by Chris
Grade level: 10-12 School: No school entered.
City: Perth State/Province: WA Country: Australia
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1093015239.Ph

I find the use of the Coulomb and ampere confusing. Is a coulomb used simply 
as a convenient way of saying the number of electrons (6.25^25 electrons) pass 
a certain point in circuit at any one time due to the pain in dealing with the 
large number of electrons. I know that an ampere is also c/second so why do we 
have the unit A(ampere) when we could just use c/s. Are there any cases where 
we talk about coulombs not in relation to time (for flow) and therefore need 
to have coulombs stand alone. Hope this makes sense. the whole idea of charge 
is confusing me. An electron or proton are terms that need not be used with 
the word charge as they are one in the same. We simply use + and - signs to 
say that they are different 'stuff' like a red ball and blue ball. both are 
balls only different this correct. would really appreciate any more 
clarity on this if you could (if possible). kind regards chris

Re: Why is the coulomb used (please read below)?

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