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Re: What is the weakest Bone and weakest Muscle in the Human body?

Date: Tue Aug 31 14:24:00 2004
Posted By: Joshua Chai, Student Doctor, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge, UK
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1093231081.An


It's difficult to say which muscle and bone is the "weakest" because 
that takes into account the composition of the bone/muscle as well as the 
shape and size. In terms of size, however, the "smallest" bone in the 
body that I could think of is the stapes, which is one of the three 
auditory ossicles that form a connected chain in the human middle ear 
(the other two are called malleus and incus - together they transmit 
vibration from the ear drum to the inner ear). The smallest voluntary 
(striated) muscle of the body is the stapedius, which is a tiny muscle 
that pulls on the stapes to stabilize it and prevent it from excessive 
movement. It contracts to protect our hearing when we are in a very noisy 

I hope this would help:-)

Joshua Chai
Student Doctor
School of Clinical Medicine
University of Cambridge, UK

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