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Re: Why is it bad to sit in front of a television & how far should you be?

Date: Tue Sep 7 15:45:06 2004
Posted By: William Lorenzen, Staff, Radiation Safety, Children's Hospital
Area of science: Environment & Ecology
ID: 1093295281.En

There is no danger when the TV is not on....

Safety issues were primarily from the old days (pre 1960ish) when there 
was concern over the ionizing radiation emitted from the CRT tube.

Todays TV's are built to specific standards that include limiting the 
amount of radiation that is emitted from the unit.

So todays issue around TV safety is more for the effect it has on your 
vision (eyes) from looking at the screen from a close distance.

So I would suggest this question could best be answered by an eye doctor 

But in conclusion there are no issue with radiation exposures (ionizing 
type) from todays TV's as they have been designed and built to strict 

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