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Re: Use of ethanol for gasoline

Date: Wed Sep 15 09:03:17 2004
Posted By: Leslie Allen, Staff, Laboratory Chemist, Valero Refining Company
Area of science: Environment
ID: 1095194723.En

Ethanol is primarily used as an oxygen carrier, the oxygen aids in the 
combustion. Alcohols are not used exclusively as a fuel in automobiles 
without modifications to the fuel systems. Alcohols also lack the 
lubrication of internal components that gasoline provides.
IF all the corn were to be used in ethanol production, then that would add 
a large volume to the gasoline pool. Hypothetically, the amount of 
gasoline needed would decrease. The refining operation would need to be 
shifted from gasoline production to heavier fuel operation. This scenario 
occurs on a cyclical basis yearly. The summers are times of increased 
driving and increase demand for gasoline. The winters demand more fuel oil 
to heat homes and businesses. Therefore, the shifting of operation from a 
gasoline mode to a heating oil mode occurs each year.
My hypothetical prediction, the price of gasoline would decrease due to 
excess inventory. The excess gasoline would be used as a fuel for other 
operations. And so on and so forth, hypotheticals are fun to think about. 
The butterfly affect.......

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