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Subject: Does Bell's Interconnectedness Therom take everything into account?

Date: Mon Aug 30 20:45:58 2004
Posted by Jeremy
Grade level: undergrad School: Ranken Technical College
City: St. Louis State/Province: MO Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1093916758.Ph

Every time I read about Bell's Inequality and how the violation of it is proof
of superluminal travel, something doesn't sit quite right with me.  I'm only
aware of the experiment being carried out with twin photon, which travel at the
speed of light, obviously.  What is the time dialation and length contraction
for a photon? It would seem that it doesn't experience time and that space
contracts to zero in the direcion of travel.  I dont' know of anyone who knows
the answer to that for sure, but wouldn't that be important to Bell's Inequality
if photon are the only particles that have been experimented on? If from their
frame of reference, they don't experience time and don't ever really travel away
from each other then would communication between them really be superluminal? 
Or am I going the complete wrong direction?

Re: Does Bell's Interconnectedness Therom take everything into account?

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