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Subject: Electrooptically changing refractive index- what is Max %?

Date: Mon Sep 20 16:11:15 2004
Posted by John
Grade level: grad (science) School: University of Memphis
City: Memphis State/Province: TN Country: US
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1095714675.Ph

I read a great posting here by Adrian Popa about electrooptics and I'm excited 
about the potential for LiNb03 in modifying the refractive index of a lens to 
adjust slightly the focus of a LiNb03 lens.  However, I don't even know the 
rough order of magnitude for how much change is possible (2%?  10%).

Also, since some crystals are both good lens materials and good piezoelectric 
mediums, would you further increase a positive change in such an electrooptical 
material by causing its expansion when confined around the edges (this would 
place potentially substantial pressure on the lens further increasing the index 
of refraction)

Also, could this be a practical application of electrooptical materials (i.e. 
modifying the focal distance say 5% to adjust the focus of a lens without 
moving anything?  



Re: Electrooptically changing refractive index- what is Max %?

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