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Re: What causes Seborrheic keratosis and Sebaceous hyperplasia?

Date: Sun Sep 26 13:38:20 2004
Posted By: Joshua Chai, Student Doctor, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge, UK
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1089141873.Me

Hi Joni,

Thanks for your message.

Both seborrhoeic keratoses and sebaceous hyperplasia are benign skin 
conditions that are seen very frequently in general practice. 

Sebarrhoeic keratoses is also known as basal cell papillomas, and are 
pathologically non-invasive, benign over-proliferation of the cells in 
the basal layer of the skin. Sebaceous hyperplasia, as its name implies, 
is the increased proliferation of cells lining the sebaceous glands of 
the skin, also a benign skin condition. No one completely understand 
their aetiology and hence no reliable preventive measures can be 
suggested, but it is generally believed that both genetic and 
environmental factors play a role in their formation. Since they are both 
benign conditions, there is no need for invasive treatment. For cosmetic 
reasons, however, minor procedures are available. For more information, 
you can see this website:  http://www.s

I hope this helps:-)

Joshua Chai
School of Clinical Medicine
University of Cambridge, UK

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