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Re: why sound from scratched metal causes pain to ones teeth

Date: Tue Oct 5 10:09:00 2004
Posted By: Shoaib Khan, Doctor, Dentistry & materials, Fatima Jinnah Dental Hospital
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1093434227.Gb

Hay Gaidian,

Actually there is no relation between sound and pain of tooth. but there are 
many questions to be asked then ... 

- Is that the only time you feel pain with the sound? Try a different 
scratching sound in particular.

- Is the tooth restored in which you had pain ?

- Material used for the restoration of the tooth ? Is it Amalgam or a
composite or any other metal.

- Do you have any appliance in your mouth ? (i.e Braces, Bands or any 
functional appliance) ?

- What was in your mouth the time you had pain in tooth? ( any metal 

And if you see no problem with anything mentioned above you should visit 
your dentist and let him know everything. Perhaps a clinical examination 
will be of some help.

Thank you.

Dr. Shoaib

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