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Subject: Are internal stomach vibrations just silent stomach 'growlings'?

Date: Fri May 21 00:26:02 2004
Posted by Jude
Grade level: nonaligned School: No school entered.
City: Albany State/Province: NY Country: USA
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1085117162.Me

Getthe impression that stomachs can get laryngitis.  Searches using "stomach 
vibration" or "vibrations of stomach" result in information on stomach growling 
(and virbrations in ear, throat, limbs, & other body parts) but never mention 
the sensation of a vibrating asopposed to grumblings.  Reason for asking -- 
curiosity -- and the fact that, despite many, many searches, haven't found 

Re: Are internal stomach vibrations just silent stomach 'growlings'?

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