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Re: Variables for X-ray absorption

Date: Wed Oct 20 13:36:49 2004
Posted By: Kenneth Beck, Senior Research Scientist, Chemistry and Physics of Complex Systems, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1098221765.Ph

Dear No name entered,

Don't apologize.  You're completely clear to me.  You want to know which 
factor, of all the various factors, primarily affects how an element 
absorbs X-rays.

Well, that factor is atomic number (Z) - and with it the element density. 
The x-ray mass absorption coefficient of elements tends to increase with 
increase in Z. I hope you like unambiguous answers?  

It turns out the mass absorption factor(cm^2/gm) is greater (in some 
cases ten greater) for lower energy x-ray photons.

Check out this URL...


Hope this helps!

---* Dr. Ken Beck

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