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Re: Experiment on Bacon when not cooked properly grows worms?

Date: Sat Oct 23 16:47:37 2004
Posted By: Joe Regenstein, Faculty, Food Science
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1097123571.Gb

Hi! I tried to learn more about this unsuccessfully.  First off, are the 
worms live or are they "apparent" structures. Bacon is a cured meat 
product, i.e., that means that salt and nitrate/nitrite have been added 
to preserve it. The nitrate/nitrite serves to both prevent botulism and 
to fix the color.  If these are not done fully, I would imagine that left 
out, that flies and similar animals might in fact lay eggs on these 
materials and that the worms/maggots are signs of spoilage. But that is 
my best conjecture based on the limited information presented.

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