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Re: Where do bats in Michigan go during the winter?

Date: Sun Oct 31 20:56:44 2004
Posted By: Allison J. Gong, Lecturer/researcher
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1099061762.Zo

Hi Deb,

According to this information from an organization called Bat Conservation International, there are several species of bats in Michigan. Some of these bats are known to hibernate for the winter, either in caves or hollow trees. Others haven't been found hibernating in large numbers, and presumably spend the winters in warmer areas to the south.

Some species of bats in Michigan hibernate in abandoned mines. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources states that 85% of the 400,000 or so Indiana bat (Myotis solidalis) winter in only 7 sites. Because most of these bats spend the winter in just a few sites every year, the loss of any one of these mines to closure or additional development could have drastic effects on the population.

For additional information on bats in Michigan, check out these sites: species/mi.html. At this site you can click on each of the bat species in Michigan to learn more. Landowners_Guide/Species_Mgmt/Bats.htm

Allison J. Gong
MAD Scientist

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