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Subject: does magnetism become less when magnets are used?

Date: Sat Oct 30 22:44:06 2004
Posted by arjan
Grade level: nonaligned School: hmc
City: bergen op zoom State/Province: brabant Country: netherlands
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1099194246.Ph

In particular I would like to learn if when two magnets are forced together 
north to north or south to south, does their force become less over time? Is 
that what they call gauss reading diminishing, how does this work etc. this in 
relation to the minato wheel and the perendev device and the finsrud artwork. 
Also does the force become less over time when north is adjoined to south? 
Thank you very much for your answer, great site by the way! used it before and 
was great help!

Re: does magnetism become less when magnets are used?

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