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Subject: Applications of Elastic Potential Energy

Date: Sun Oct 10 09:23:43 2004
Posted by Rami
Grade level: undergrad School: McMaster University
City: Hamilton State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1097418223.Ph

Energy is always conserved. In springs and rubber bands, the amount of stretch
or compression results in the elastic potential energy. First, the force applied
is proportional to the compression or stetch. i.e F=Kx, which results in a
linear graph, which in turn stops to be linear when the stretch deforms the
spring. Therefore, the elastic potential enegry is the area underneath the graph
(i.e E= 1/2 X^2 K). My question is, where and how do we use the concepts of
elastic potential energy in everyday applications. Also, are the concepts of
elastic potential energy used in any different field of study (especially in
science?)  I am asking because i have a presentation, and i would like having
some valid sources to go by when presenting. If it is possible to help, i would
appreciate it. 

Re: Applications of Elastic Potential Energy

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