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Re: Why do people get fever when exposed to a climate

Date: Thu Dec 16 05:27:28 2004
Posted By: Shoaib Khan, Doctor, Dentistry & materials, Fatima Jinnah Dental Hospital
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1095616129.Me

Hay Eliza,
i have never read this thing that people get ill in warm and humid weather 
condition ... there might be some geographical variation, cause i live in 
a country where weather conditions are warm and humid,
but it do matter when the change in weather take place... and this can be 
from cold to hot .. or from hot to cold.

it can be malaria ... especially when they are mentioning quinine in the 
treatment ... but on the other hand it can be anything ... just a flu .. 
temprature change ... can be anything ... but practically speaking ... 
weather conditions dont causes human illness ... it is caused by the other 
factors ... for example ... we do have more mosqitoes in warm n humid 
weather ... and someones got malaria its not because of the weather ... 
its because of the mosquitoes.

And next time you quote something from any book try to give us the name of 
the book aswell.

Thanking you

Dr. Shoaib

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