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Re: is there any eatable materials that change color due to temperature change?

Date: Tue Dec 21 16:30:31 2004
Posted By: Robert LaBudde, Staff, Food science, Least Cost Formulations, Ltd.
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1102391751.Bc

There are obviously many foods that change color when cooked. This includes
most meat products, which change from red or purple to gray-brown as the
oxymyoglobin is denatured by heat.

However, it is more likely your question is really, "What foods change
color when warmed in the mouth?".

I don't know of any foods that change color significantly over the range 10
C to 40 C. The most likely candidates would be fats and hydrogels (e.g.,
modified starches or gums with water). When these substances melt, they
change from a white, translucent substance to clear.

If you are trying to make demonstration project, try encapsulating food dye
inside of a fat coating. When the fat melts, the dye would mix with saliva
and make a strong color.

There is a novelty trick of this type available. A special chewing gum that
leaves the mouth black afterwards.

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