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Subject: When iodine tests for starch is it continous??

Date: Tue Nov 23 19:20:53 2004
Posted by Lee
Grade level: undergrad School: ENORF
City: Great Yarmouth State/Province: Norfolk Country: United Kingdom
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1101259253.Bc

This isnt the usual question that gets asked here, more of a simple 
thing than the norm!

Im conducting an experiment into the effect of temperature on enzymes. I 
am wondering if  i had a starch solution and added some IKI to it, 
obviously it will become purple/black. Now is it the end of the test?? I 
mean if i now add some amylase to turn the starch to glucose will the 
colour begin to fade and become the usually iodine yellow?

If that won't work I assume a sample will need to be taken every few 
seconds and mixed with a seperate drop of iodine each time and when the 
drops no longer turn purple the reaction is complete.

Thanks for some advice

Best Regards

Lee Bales

Re: When iodine tests for starch is it continous??

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