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Subject: Can I measure heating of earth's core due to solar wind/magnetic field/CME?

Date: Tue Dec 14 08:58:51 2004
Posted by Berry
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Is there possible heating of the Earth's core from induced current created by 
passage of the Earth through the Solar Wind,Magnetic field, or impacts with 
Question 1:
While I realize most heating within the core is believed to come from 
radioactive decay of Uranium and Thorium, even a tiny amount of heat generated 
by these induced currents would amount to a measurable amount over 4.5 billion 
years.  How do I calculate this?
Question 2:
How long does it take for any heat from the Earth's core to affect/reach the 
It seems to me that small induced current from Solar activity (Magnetic fields, 
solar wind, Plasma Fields, Coronal Mass Ejections, etc) over billions of years 
must add up to a significant and measurable sum.  Calculating the effect on 
Earth's Core temperature is confusing and difficult.

Re: Can I measure heating of earth's core due to solar wind/magnetic field/CME?

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