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Subject: So When will our galaxy be struck

Date: Tue Jan 4 01:08:14 2005
Posted by Galina
Grade level: grad (science) School: NYU
City: Manhattan State/Province: New York Country: United states
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 1104822494.As

Some sources say that the 2 magellanic Clouds be absorbed by our galaxy in 100 
million years, while other say it will be billions of years, What makes the 
time estimates differ so much? According to the most recent estimates, which 
estimates are best supported? What do proffesional astronomers say about the 
likelyhoods that the Magellanic Clouds be absorbed within the next few hundred 
million years? Whenever the scientists say the magellanic clouds about to be 
absorbed by our galaxy in 100 million years, does it meen that there is a lot 
of evidence of that happening in such a short time, or is that a sort- of 

Re: So When will our galaxy be struck

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