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Re: Can you make jewelry from mica

Date: Thu Jan 20 14:41:15 2005
Posted By: Alec McCreadie, Staff, Lapidary Hobby Club, Scottish Mineral & Lapidary Club
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 1106178761.Es

Dear Jonas,
As you have described, mica is made up of many layers which will flake.

There are two methods I can think of to incorporate mica in jewellery - 
as follows:-

1.  Creating a basket from silver wire that a piece of mica is inserted 
into. That way the majority of the stone will remain encased and any 
small flakes just fall away leaving the majority piece still in the frame.

2. To completely encase / surround a flat piece of mica with a silver or 
copper border and then create a ring attachment for a chain or earing 
loop for earrings.

That's the best I can think of and the way I would treat a piece of mica 
to make any jewellery.
Hope this has been of help.

Alec     (

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