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Re: Does sodium chloride boil?

Date: Sat Feb 5 14:55:45 2005
Posted By: Henry Boyter, Research Fellow
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 1107287561.Ch

Yes it melts and boils but you have to get it pretty hot in a vacuum.  The 
melting point (in vacuum) is 801C at which point you will start seeing a 
NaCl vapor pressure.  The boiling point is 1465 in vacuum.

If you tried this in air, you would get reactions with the oxygen and 
water in the air.  Remember that when we talk about ionic, we are really 
talking about two different areas.  NaCl has ionic bonds in the solid, 
true, but its ionic behavior we discuss at length is based on its 
properties in water solution.  What happens with pure sodium chloride in a 
vacuum is another area of chemistry where the term ionic has different 

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