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Subject: Copper ions from copper sulphate inhibits catalase

Date: Thu Feb 3 04:10:34 2005
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Area of science: Biochemistry
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Thanks a lot for the quick and informative reply.  I believe that some bizzare 
results are due to experimental variation as you've mentioned previously.  

However, I'm not sure about how copper II ions are able to displace Fe III 
ions from the heme group in the centre of a porphyrin ring of catalase when 
copper is lower down in the reactivity series relative to iron.  

Copper ions inhibits protein activity by disrupting disuphide bonds.  So 
inhibition of catalase by copper ions can take two forms?  One whereby it 
displaces iron III ions in the active site and two by disrupting disulphide 
bonds or does the former lead to the latter?  

Thanks a lot!!!

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Re: Copper ions from copper sulphate inhibits catalase

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