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Re: why most (I think all) scientists wear glasses?

Date: Mon Feb 14 21:50:51 2005
Posted By: Andrew Tanner, Staff, Biology and Chemistry Departments, SUNY Morrisville
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1103521865.Gb

I think that in actuality if one were to look at a fair cross section of
the world and various professions one would find that the ratio of
scientists who wear eyeglasses is not significantly different from that in
any other group of professionals. I know many scientists who do not wear
eyeglasses. But when one thinks "scientist", one thinks of white lab coats,
eyeglasses in other words what is considered the stereotypical scientist.
There have been attempts to remove this stereotyping, but it hasn't
diminished noticeably.

The following link is a research paper on this very topic, and makes for an
interesting read.

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