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Subject: How fast does bacteria, mold-fungi or viruses grow on your body?

Date: Thu Feb 10 09:59:16 2005
Posted by Marissa Wilson
Grade level: 4-6 School: Raisinville Elementary
City: Monroe State/Province: MI Country: Monroe
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 1108051156.Mi

My science fair question is actually "How often should you wash your body?".  I 
want to determine how fast bacteria, fungi, or viruses grow on your body.  I 
found an experiment where you use unflavored gelatin in jars/petri dishes-- I 
plan on taking samples as soon as I am done showering from between my toes, and 
under arms; then take the same samples 2 days after showering, and if I don't 
stink too bad, 4 days.  Do you think I will actually be able to see results?  
and if so can you give me names of possible bacteria, fungi, viruses that I 
will see growing?  and any other tidbits that may help me-- This is my first 
science fair and I'm in the 4th grade.
thank you very much  :)

Re: How fast does bacteria, mold-fungi or viruses grow on your body?

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