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Re: How can I measure how much plaque is in someone's mouth?

Date: Sun Feb 13 14:54:03 2005
Posted By: Shoaib Khan, Doctor, Dentistry & materials, Fatima Jinnah Dental Hospital
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1104351626.Me

Hay Sara,

well first of all u cannot measure plaque, mean u cannot say that one 
person is having 2 mm of plaque and other is having 1.5 mm. 
But u can say or u can compare one's plaque quantity with others. but i am 
sure that wont help u in your project. 
Well plaque is formed with the action of certain BACTERIAS on TOOTH 
SURFACE containing FOODin certain TIME.
so there are 4 factors ... plaque will not form if any one of the factor 
is not present.
And your project is about which food cause the most plaque ... u can find 
by checking one's mouth after certain period of time after having meal or 
after having different type of foods. But those things which are sticky in 
nature will cause most because they stick to the teeth for the longer 
period of time. and you can also perform this test on different 
individuals aswell, but that will tell you that how prone indvidual is ... 
one gets the plaque early is will be more prone to caries or plaque ...
thanking you ,
and sorry for the late reply as somehow i couldnt get the first mail.
DR. Shoaib.

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