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Subject: How are x-ray images processed by computer?

Date: Mon Sep 6 18:45:10 2004
Posted by Vivek
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Area of science: Computer Science
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I’m planning on doing a science fair project on x-ray pictures. I want to 
create a computer program that can separate certain wavelengths of light from 
the x-ray image. I need to know how the x-rays are converted to the image, for 
example, as in an x-ray machine used in medicine. For example, after knowing 
the wave absorption and emission patterns of muscle, could I use a computer to 
detect the resulting “color” on the x-ray image and create a separate “layer” 
image of just that muscle tissue by detecting and separating it out from the 
original image? Could you please point me in the right direction for the type 
of books or information I need to look for? Are there any image analysis 
programs you know of that I can use online?

Re: How are x-ray images processed by computer?

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