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Re: What is the detection range of biuret method?

Date: Thu Feb 24 15:24:38 2005
Posted By: Ara Kooser, Grad student, Physical Chemistry, Sandia National Labs
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1108453304.Bc

I misread your question the first time and I had some help clearing up what you wanted to know. So sorry about the delay. :)

With a normal Spec. 20 like the ones you use in a General Chemistry Lab you should be able to go down to 1.0 mg/mL concentrations with no problems. If you need more sensitivity then there is the Lowry Assay (microgram range)

A book on biochemical methods would have a discussion on the limits of detection for the Biuret method. (Sorry I donít remember the title of mine) This webpage (http:// provides some general guidelines for limits of detection

Moderator's Note: A little information about where to obtain the Lowry Assay can be found in this answer in our archives (898194661.Bc).

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