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Subject: Why does the heart contain less catalase enzymes than muscle and liver?

Date: Thu Feb 17 21:47:18 2005
Posted by Shams
Grade level: 10-12 School: Vyners School
City: London State/Province: No state entered. Country: England
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 1108698438.Bc

i have carried out an experiment to see which tissue (either heart, muscle or 
liver)has the most catalase enzymes. i have found out that the heart has very 
few catalase enzymes compared to a muscle tissue from the back thigh of a 
lamb. And the lamb's liver has the greatest amounts of catalase enzymes out of 
the three. i have struggled to find the reason for this or the exact 
explanations of this. will u be able to give me some suggestions please?  does 
it have anything to do with haemoglobin carrying oxygen and the production of 
superoxide wen metHB is formed?? or is it that the blood carries these toxic 
substances and for which the liver will "filter" therefore catalase enzymes 
are needed in the liver to break down hydrogen peroxide?? another part to my 
study was that the body's ability to produce catalase-SOD enzymes decrease 
with age...and thats what my experiment showed...but why ?!?  anything to do 
with free radicals?? i would appreciate it very much if u would please answer 
me with some suggestions to why these cases are as such. thank you very 

Re: Why does the heart contain less catalase enzymes than muscle and liver?

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