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Re: By looking at a tooth can you really tell how old someone is?

Date: Mon Mar 7 14:55:05 2005
Posted By: Shoaib Khan, Doctor, Dentistry & materials, Fatima Jinnah Dental Hospital
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 1109704392.An

Hello Rina,

well one cannot tell the person's age by looking at ones teeth, they are 
highly mineralized and do not even resorb after the death.
However in dentistry we do use the term DENTAL AGE OF THE PATIENT.
Dental age is the approximate age of the patient, by the number of tooth 
errupted, and by which teeth have been erupted or which have beeen not.but 
that is very limited, because normally people have got all of their teeth 
erupted not later the age of 25 ... except for the 3rd molar. ie the 
wisdom teeth.
So you cannot tell the person's age by looking at his teeth. and dental 
age is very limited index, cannot be used as a investigation in any of 
your study !!

Thanking you

Dr. Shoaib 

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