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Subject: How much adrenaline is released by the human body

Date: Sun Feb 6 18:25:19 2005
Posted by Ravi
Grade level: nonaligned School: Republik Advertising
City: Auckland State/Province: Auckland Country: New Zealand
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 1107735919.Me

I guess the amount of adrenaline released is activity-dependant, but are there figures on 
how much adrenaline is released during, say, cycling.I'm writing an ad for cycling which 
has the visual of a mountain biker hurtling down a slope and the line reads:' The human 
body releases 'X' units of adrenaline in a day.Use it wisely.' I'm assuming that the amount 
released is infinitesimal. (Which would help prove my point!) I'd be really grateful for a 
reply. Cheers,Ravi.

Re: How much adrenaline is released by the human body

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