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Subject: Can you make an normal cell undergo meiosis?

Date: Sun Mar 6 23:46:54 2005
Posted by Garett
Grade level: undergrad School: UNK
City: Kearney State/Province: NE Country: USA
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1110174414.Ge

I was woundering if you could make a normal cell from an organism, say a 
steer, undergo meiosis, using hormones or other synthetic chemicals.  I was 
thinking mostly of advancement in the ag industry, and the way in which they 
try to select for certian genes/traits.  Instead of cloning which still has 
not yet moved into the private sector and will be expensive, many people 
currently use embryo transfer or artifical insemination.  If we could make 
cells undergo Meosis and cross them back on themselfs or other selected 
individuals and then insert them into a cow, we could advance several 
generations without offspring reaching sexual maturity.  Im not sure if that 
makes total since to anyone outside of the livestock industry, but it takes 10 
years to get 5 generations of cattle, if you could cross back on individuals 
witout waiting for them to reach an age of sexual maturity you could do that 
in way less time.

Re: Can you make an normal cell undergo meiosis?

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