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Subject: Does a tire stop when it makes contact with the road?

Date: Thu Apr 7 18:50:01 2005
Posted by Colin
Grade level: undergrad School: Monash University
City: Frankston State/Province: Vic Country: Australia
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1112917801.Ph

As the tire is turning, does the piece of tire that is coming into contact 
with the road actually stop for a very minute amount of time in relation to 
the road as it makes contact. A friend of mine is saying it has to otherwise 
it could not get grip or traction.  Will this also make a difference if the 
tire is being driven or not. IF the tire doesnt stop at all when it is 
touching the road then surely the wheels will just be spinning and there will 
be no grip or traction

Re: Does a tire stop when it makes contact with the road?

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