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Subject: How do chickens lay eggs that have not been fertilized?

Date: Mon Apr 18 17:26:20 2005
Posted by Richard
Grade level: nonaligned School: Highland Park High School
City: Highland Park State/Province: IL Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 1113863180.Zo

Hi -

I saw the following posts and they do not answer my question. I understand that egg count and light manipulation cause them to lay MORE eggs -- what I'd like to know is why an unfertilized egg is being layed in the first place? What is the evolutionary advantage to laying an unfertilized egg? Why do you chickens do it? (versus what causes them to do it more often). Thank you.

Check the following answered posts: 937441637.Ag your class may also find this interesting (since you are studying development!) and 918504094.Ag

Re: How do chickens lay eggs that have not been fertilized?

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