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Subject: Can air be compressed without a thermal reaction?

Date: Wed Apr 27 23:22:17 2005
Posted by Phil
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: none
City: center line State/Province: mi Country: usa
Area of science: Physics
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If you were to compress dry air (no water content) from atmospheric pressure 
to 100 psi at a rate of 2.4 cfm in a 6 gallon tank, would condensation occur 
inside the tank?  Assume the ambient temperature is 70 degrees F and so is the 
temperature inside the storage tank.  Is is feasable to compress air without 
raising the temperature in the process at any given volume?

I am in construction and use an air compressor often.  There is a valve at the 
bottom of the storage tank to drain water from it.  Out of curiosity, I 
wondered if "Dry Air" would still create water molecules once compressed.  I 
understand the outside air always has water in it, this is just theoretical. 
Is it the thermal reaction that would create the bonding of oxygen and 
hydrogen?  Or is it the pressure?  Or Neither?

Thank you,

Re: Can air be compressed without a thermal reaction?

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