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Subject: can a tunable video camera be built?

Date: Thu Apr 21 14:32:27 2005
Posted by Tiago Estill de Noronha
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Area of science: Physics
ID: 1114111947.Ph

with todays technolodgy and knowlodge, if money wasn't a problem, could a video
camera that had a tuner button which would make the camera's sensor tune into
diferent em frequencies be built?
It would be something like thousands of micro radio antennas on the surface of
the ship.

perhaps with functionality similar to the predator's mask in the Predator 2
movie, but with perhaps a smooth transition between frequencies, and the
artificial coloring would only come on later prototypes, starting just with
visible light intensities on screen (i.e. grayscale)  proportional to the amount
of energy sensed by each pixel sensor

and how would the focusing work on a camera such as that in which a big range of
em frequencies would be sensed (to avoid or circunvent problems like fresnel
refraction and opacity of certain materials to certain frequencies

if such a contraption is not possible to be built with what we have and know
today, will it be theoreticly possible to build it someday?

Re: can a tunable video camera be built?

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