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Re: How is genome sequencing done?

Date: Tue May 3 17:13:55 2005
Posted By: Allen Gathman, Faculty, Biology, Southeast MO St. U.
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 1112216309.Ge

While I could write you an explanation of the Human Genome Project and how sequencing is done, this has been done probably better than I can in a variety of places. Here, then, are some links to sites with a wealth of information on this topic:

The Human Genome Project
(note that under "General Information" there's a Frequently Asked Questions link that includes "How do you sequence a genome?")

This is a course site in Britain that gives lovely diagrams and nice explanations of Sanger (dideoxy) sequencing technology, the shotgun sequencing strategy, etc.

Washington University Genomics Tutorial
This site gives a VERY detailed overview of the entire sequencing process.

US Department of Energy genome sequencing facts
Another nice page with basic overview of the processes used.

Hope these are helpful.

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