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Re: Does watching tv in the dark hurt your eyes?

Date: Wed May 4 09:23:01 2005
Posted By: Kenton L. McWilliams, O.D., Optometrist , St. Louis, Missouri
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 1114665622.Gb

Hi Nathan,

I'm not aware that watching TV in the dark causes any more harm than 
watching TV with lots of light.  Same goes for computer monitors.  As it 
generally is true that your pupils become more dilated in the dark, it is 
porbably not significant enough to make much if any difference in the 
amount of radiation reaching the retina.  Also, equal amounts of radiation 
can reach the outer structures of the eye like the cornea, conjunctiva, 
and iris whether you are dilated or not.  Anyway, I think a lot more 
damage can occur from the sun's harmful radiation if not wearing UV 
protected sunglasses if spending considerable amount of time outdoors.  
But as far as TVs and computer monitors in the dark, I wouldn't worry 
about it!  Good luck!

Kenton L. McWilliams, O.D.

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