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Subject: Is a Social animal the same as a animal that travels in a pack.

Date: Tue Apr 19 15:20:35 2005
Posted by Bryan
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City: South Point State/Province: Oh Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
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The reason why I am asking is because a friend and I got in a debate over if
there is a difference between pack animals and social animals. My arguement is,
Social is defined as: "tending to form cooperative and interdependent
relationships with others of one's kind". Pack is defined as: "a group of often
predatory animals of the same kind". So they would not be the same, he says The
single unit within the pack still interacts with others, and thus they are still
social animals. Also that Pack animals are social animals. Social animals are
pack animals. And i debunked that with "then All pack animals are social animals
and all social animals are pack animals. So who is right?

Re: Is a Social animal the same as a animal that travels in a pack.

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