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Subject: How do you determine 'excess radius'

Date: Sat Apr 30 18:08:46 2005
Posted by John
Grade level: grad (science) School: No school entered.
City: Livingston State/Province: Texas Country: US
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1114902526.Ph

In a posting on your web site Nov 12, 2000, ID968551309.Ph, Dan Mayer says 
that "excess radius" of the earth is the difference between the measured 
radius and the predicted radius.  He says measured radius is a line on the 
surface of the earth between the equator and the North pole. Predicted radius 
is the circumference of the earth at the equator divided by 2Pi. Predicted  
can also be the square root of the measured area of the earth divided by 4Pi.  
Richard Feynman in "Six Not-So Easy Pieces", page 126,  said that you get the 
measured radius by digging a hole in the earth from the equator to the center 
of the earth and measuring that distance.   Which is right?  

Re: How do you determine 'excess radius'

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