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Subject: Are there liquids on Venus? II.

Date: Fri May 6 13:47:00 2005
Posted by Tomas
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Ive asked you this question before, but the answer was quite short - there are 
no oceans on the surface, only volcanic flows, etc.
I really know, that there are no oceans, no fish, no ichtyosaurs and no 
telepatic frogs on Venus!
I dont know the exact boiling point of water on Venus, but I guess some 250 - 
300 C, with this terrible pressure. Pure liquid water is definitely impossible. 
But chemical compounds, such as salts and acids, elevate the boiling point. 
Concentrated H2SO4 solution, for example, boils at some 300 C on Earth. If the 
boiling point is even more elevated by the pressure, it should exceed the mean 
temperature on Venus, 480C. The same could be true for concentrated briny 
solutions, I think.
Mountains on Venus should have even lower temperature, that means better chance 
for liquids.
So, why shouldnt Venus have some liquids on the surface? Perhaps there are some 
physical constraints I dont know...
Thank you for your answer!

Re: Are there liquids on Venus? II.

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