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Re: Gravity and Scale Readings

Date: Mon May 23 09:24:59 2005
Posted By: Michael Lawliss, Faculty, Science Dept , Clinton Community College
Area of science: Physics
ID: 1116569431.Ph


To help you figure this out:

If you can get another bathroom scale try the following experiment.
Label one Scale A and the other Scale B.
Put both bathroom scales on the floor in front of you ( one for your right 
foot the other for your left ) 
Stand with both feet on Scale A write down the reading
Stand with both feet on Scale B write down the reading
Place the scales side by side but not touching.
A for your left foot and B for your right foot.
Now stand on both scales one foot on each.
Notice your readings.

Now ask yourself why the sink was like the second scale?

good luck

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