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Re: Does the actual low pressure of the storm hit Philadelphia from the northea

Date: Tue May 31 14:11:33 2005
Posted By: Nezette Rydell, Warning Coordination Meteorologist
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 1117164222.Es

That was quite a nor'easter that hit New England this past week. And unusually late. The storm is so named because a typical track takes along or just off the Atlantic Coast. The cyclonic or counter-clockwise rotation of the winds around the low pressure center bring warm moist air over the Gulf Stream on the east side of the storm into contact with cold relatively drier air on the west side of the storm. The track will generally mean northeast winds over inland areas as the storm moves up the coast. A more thorough explanation is available from How Stuff Works and some interesting notes from WeatherWise magazine.

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